Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sunday in the Trees

Rick and I ran the Wildwood Trail in Forrest Park on Sunday. Was a great day with temps in the mid 60's. The trail was in good shape with only occasional mud here and there. We did 11 miles at a nice slow pace. Also got some hills in as we went further than we usually do. Saw very few runners but more hikers. We did run into fellow Maniac Steve Walters and had a nice chat on the trail with him. (Steve is too fast for us Slug's though but a great guy) Took me about 4 miles to get into the run. I sure am getting better at trail running as I didn't trip even once! It is teaching me to pick up my feet for sure.

On the way back my the outside of my right foot started to hurt just a bit. Sort of like a bruise. Well when we got done I sat on the back of Rick's truck and I could hardly walk. The rest of the day was ugly and I am still limping around 2 days later. Don't know what I did to it but it is sure not good. I need to run long again this week but I know rest is better.


Addy said...

Beautiful picture! That looks like a heavenly place to run :)

How odd about the foot hurting though. Hope the rest is super effective and that the foot recovers soon!

Addy (who popped over from Hippo's site) :)

Sarah said...

I hope your foot feels better by Mcdonald forest! I'll keep a look out for you....I'm taking the early start.

maniac hippo said...

I'm smiling because Wildwood is such a microcosm. We seem to run across almost everyone there, I even stumbled into Scott and Leah Jurek there last November.

Here's hoping that the pain you're feeling is short-lived.