Sunday, May 13, 2007

OK, just a tad nervous

I am getting just a bit worried about the foot and my lack of training. It has been another 3 days or so since I have ran. My foot still hurts, so I am not sure what is up with it. I am still going to do Mac 50K this weekend. Then I have no major runs scheduled till July 4th so maybe...yes maybe..might...well see...if the stars are aligned...just might go see a to see if he / she can determine if this is something minor or major. Now when it comes to fitness that's what worries me most. I know in my head it really doesn't matter for a Slug like me to miss quite a few days or even a week or running. Rest is amazing, I often run much faster after a week off or so. But being the runner with an addiction I know I don't have the confidence that I would have if I had been doing a good training program. (Boy there is allot of eyes in that last sentence! Bad...bad Bret.) So I guess we shall see about 3 hours into Saturdays big hills.

Off to Seattle again this week so those great Des Moines trails may call me for a few miles.

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