Tuesday, May 29, 2007

10K's and Good Friends

So Gail decided to run the "Up the Lazy River" 10K in West Linn on Sunday so I went along for fun. It was a great ORRC run for mainly Master's runners. Others were welcome but the Ol' Folks got the glory today.

We got to Mary Young Park around 8 am. My dad who is 72 is a big walker so he drove up from Salem to do the 10K judged walk. Our other friends Fenny Roberts, who has done a ka-gillion marathons, ultras, 24 hour runs etc and Jim Scheer who has done over 250 marathons showed up too. Fenny was doing the race walk today and Jim decided to sit it out with me as he did the Cour'de'lane Marathon the day before. We also ran into Maniac Steve Walters again who just did the Forest Park 50K with us the day before, who by the way got 4th place with a time under 5 hours. Go Steve! Also pulled up next to Sean who was with Sascha and decided not to run but was going out for a couple hour easy run on the trails. So saw lots of fun folks.

The walkers started first and then the runners 1/2 hour later. My dad usually wins his age group as there are not many 72 year old men walkers. He finished in 1:28 which he was pretty happy with. Fenny did 1:14 walking. Gail did awesome at :56 minutes in her 10K run. I just stood around and took pictures which hopefully I will post tomorrow.

I enjoy being at the races as a fan almost as much as I like to run. Well.....maybe I shouldn't go that far. But it was a great social event and everyone was pretty happy with how they did. Good job all!

Whats up next? I'm still thinking Green River Marathon next weekend.

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maniac hippo said...

Wow! You have nothing to apologize for with the race schedule you've been keeping! I don't think anyone is going to call you a slacker.

It's interesting to see that your summer race schedule is almost the same as mine. You'll be at Green River the day I'm at Newport, but other than that it's pretty similar. See you at Foot Traffic Flat.