Friday, May 11, 2007

Am I blind or what?

So I had posted a question on the Maniac's bulletin board about trails to run near SeaTac where I say at least 7 nights a month. My job has taken me to that area for the last 15 years or so. I have ran numerous areas including the Green River Path and the Des Moines Creek paved path. So the great folks on the Maniac BB post about the paths in the Des Moines Creek area. I think its just a few dirt paths all torn up by mountain bikers. Well yesterday I went out to explore. What a shock! It was a great place to run. Tons of trails all over the place. Well marked in places due to the mountain bike races. I ended up running 7 miles and had a smile the whole time. Never saw one other person. I am such a dork for never exploring this area just a 1/2 mile from my hotel.

Well onto the other news. My foot which I seem to have injured in Forest Park last Sunday was still hurting but had improved. I had taken 3 days off and was going crazy. So I thought I would try it out, if it hurt I would just quit. Well running actually felt better than walking. I found the trails in the park and really enjoyed myself. My foot started hurting about mile 4 but I pressed on. It got a bit worse but was never to the point that I was in big time pain. Afterwards it started hurting pretty good. As I went to work I had a bit of a limp again, but not as bad as Sunday and Monday. Today it feels a bit swollen and hurts almost like Plantar Fasciitis but on the outside of the foot. Hurts worse when I first start walking on it. Pain never goes away but gets better after walking a bit.

I am off to St. Paul, MN to watch my step daughter graduate from college tomorrow, then back home Sunday. I was hoping to run long this weekend in the midwest but with the foot I better rest up for next weekends Mac 50K in Corn-Valley.

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maniac hippo said...

Take care of that foot. I've never run it but Mac Forest has that reputation.. we want to keep you around.