Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lazy or smart?

I guess I am not a true Ultra runner yet as I am going to whine (would you like some cheese to go with that?) about how sore I was after the Mac 50K last Saturday. I think nearly every major muscle in my legs hurt this week after that race. I can not remember the last time my legs were so wiped out! Usually it's only the quads and a little soreness everywhere else but this time my legs were toast. Maybe it was the major up hills? Maybe it was I blasted down that last mile or so at a speed that was crazy for my fatigue level? Could have been my lack of mid week training the last 3 weeks or so? This is by far the most long races I have done in a period of 3 or 4 months. I know! It's that I'm getting old! Yeah that's it!!

So I also didn't run once this week. I thought I might do the Forest Park 50K so I didn't want to hurt those legs anymore than they already were. Well, its official. Unless something world stopping happens at home during the next 24 hours I will be running the 50K tomorrow. I signed up yesterday worrying that it might sell out. I figured it's so nice to race in your own town that I went ahead and paid the entry fee. I love being able to drive an hour or so before the race to the start line, then drive home after. As you all know these out of town races take 2 days or sometimes more. That puts a bit of a strain on the family and other duties that we do on our days off. So off I go tomorrow.

My goal this year is to run 12 marathons or ultra's. So far I have done 6 since January 1st and am on track. I actually like 1/2 marathons the best as I like the speed part of the distance. 10k's hurt too much as I always feel out of breath on those. Marathons are OK too but I think I like Ultras second best over them. I usually run 5 or 6 1/2 marathons a year but with my longer distance goal this year they are being put on hold. Next year I want to PR in my marathon times so I will do more 1/2's to build my speed. This year its all about quantity, next year it will be about quality.

So with absolutely no running this week I am off to do another Ultra. I hope my legs don't die early in the race or this could be a very long day. Forest Park is a great place to run and this race goes some places I have yet to see. The bad part of no weekly runs is I really miss just getting outside and cruising around. I live in such a great place to run with so many different choices, trails, roads, hills, bike paths etc. I really respect those that live somewhere like Florida where the freeway overpass is your only variety. I am not sure I would train much in a location like that. Also being a pilot really helps in the variety. Running in Southern California in January is very refreshing from our constant winter rains.

Well I guess I will see all you fellow Maniac's and Ultra folks tomorrow. Good luck and say Hi as you pass me on the trails. Yes, I will be very slow.


Sarah said...

Yeah, your punishment for whining is you have to run a 50K tomorrow. ; ) I'm sure you won't be the slowest...that may be me!

olga said...

It was great to meet you yesterday! Not to worry, ultrarunners whine big time:) Hoping to read cheerful post on the run!