Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Gail and I ran a nice 4+ miles on Wildwood last night. My legs were fatigued but nothing is sore. It was the best I have every felt after a long run. It was great to do the fifty miler with Gail in the beginning because it forced me to go out at a nice even pace. It is so funny how now I am kind of upset with myself for not running longer. I wasn't exhausted at all but just tired. Maybe I am meant to be one of those plodding along long distance runners? This year was supposed to be my year of speed and here I have not done any speed work at all. Oh well guess I was meant to go long.

For those of you interested. About 4 years ago a few of us got together to run the Marine Corp marathon in DC. We formed a little group called "The Slugs". It was the name we all signed up to run the race under and it kind of stuck with us. Over time we all kind of did our own thing, some came and went, some had busy times in life. But we used to run Wildwood every week. So this is an open invite to all interested. We meet at the Birch Trail above Wildwood off 53rd street every Tuesday at 1730 or 530pm for you non 24 hour clock types. We usually just do 4 to 6 miles, if anyone wants to go more it is a free country. The fun is afterwards when we have a little social hour. Maybe an adult beverage and some snacks. So come join us if you want. We are all very methodical in our running. (read SLOW!) Its a fun time. Hope to see some of you there.


robtherunner said...

Glad to hear the recovery is going well. Way to get the 50 miles done at Pac Rim. Maybe next year we can both make it the entire 24. It was pretty inspiring watching all the guys going the distance for 24 hours. I wish I could join you guys on Wildwood. I'll be in town this weekend so I will probably head there for a long run on Saturday.

Sarah said...

I hope I can join you some time! : ) Glad the recovery is going well.

olga said...

I wish I had a single weeknight free! But I'll keep it in mind in case I do:) May be even this Tuesday?