Thursday, March 6, 2008

Da Plan! Da Plan!

OK so here is the race plan so far for 2008. I am sure I will add some others and I would like to do some 1/2 marathons early this year too. 13 miles is just a fun distance, you are not gone all day, you can run hard but not that crazy 10K pace and you feel a good work out post run buzz. Marathon wise I want to get a few more states done this year but not sure where to fit them in. I am not a big travel guy anymore because it's what I do for my day job, but I have to get going on the 50 states thing again.

So here it is:
January- Redding Marathon
Feb- Valentine Marathon, Hagg Lake 50K
March- Pac Rim 24 hour run (Goal at least a 50 miler)
April- Peterson Ridge 60K
May- Mac Forest 50k, Forest Park 50K
June- Deadwood S.D. Marathon
July- SOB 50K, PCT 50 Mile
August- Where's Waldo 100K

That is as far as I have got. Waldo scares the #### out of me! Kind of like before I did my first 50 miler last year at PCT. Olga had to tell me I would regret it and always wonder if I could have done it. So her child psychology worked on me!
Fall races I have not really looked at but hope to get some travelers in then. Probably do the Portland marathon just because it is so easy to get to.


Sarah said...

Our schedules are very similar! I feel exactly the same way about Waldo, but vowed to enter this year. Might as well try, right? : ) However, I'm not registering for any more races until I feel like I've really turned the corner on this injury. Not quite there yet, so I may miss out on Waldo this year if it fills.

Marc is doing Pac Rim and I'm helping out so I'll see you there. Maybe I'll be able to do a few slow loops.

olga said...

You need another round of child psychology, you big baby? Give me a call, go with me for a run, and you guaranteed to get more than one!!!