Saturday, December 2, 2006

Troten Zee

Did my first trot since the marathon last night. I was too much of a lazy wuss to go run outside so I ran on the treadmill. It was nice, with the big screen TV on watching a DVD on the NFL's greatest football players and just running in shorts and shoes. Kind of got me motivated watching all those guys bash heads. Now I remember why I liked the sport so much as a kid.

Didn't get to run in Burbank this week cause or plane broke and we didn't get there till after dark. I was bummed. So instead I went to In and Out Burger. Oh how the Fat-Boyee keeps his name.

In SEA tonight and didn't bring any cold weather gear. So I guess I will run tomorrow when I get home. Rick aka Pole runs his second marathon in a week tomorrow. Wonder how it will go for him. I can tell he was nervous, as I would be too!

Don't have plans for the next marathon. I don't like that! I need to be motivated. I am still thinking about doing the Christmas Marathon or the one at Lake Shasta in January. OK I'm done.

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