Wednesday, December 6, 2006

She is Amazing!

So Gail and I ran 8 miles yesterday. Was nice cool, partly sunny day. I started feeling pretty strong after a 4 miles or so. The last mile I told her I was gonna push it up. So I picked up the pace to 8:20/8:30 or so from our previous 10 min+ pace. I kept hearing those shoes behind me! We ended up running side by side all the way back home. Was so very cool! I really enjoy running with her. What a great run this turned out to be. Neither of us really wanted to go in the first place. Always seems to be a good excuse not to run in the winter. Too cold, its dark out already, its raining, I'm drunk, etc.

Gonna try and go to the gym twice a week from now on. Need to lift to get my sissy up body in shape. Leg strength would be nice for the hills too.

Not sure on the next marathon but I am thinking the Christmas Marathon again up by Olympia on December 17th. Need to have a goal!

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