Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Goals, Dreams and Desires

Sunrise from Fuji Mt at Where's Waldo 100k

I never really make plans for a new year. I am mostly a "whatever happens" type of guy when it comes to life. (Ask Gail about the home remodel!) But since I turned 50 I kind of feel time fleeting away as a runner. Yeah I know the story of all the folks that are still running strong in their 60's, 70's and beyond. I just feel our body is like any machinery. Sometimes they last a long time and sometimes the parts just wear out no matter what we do. So as I look to 2010 I feel a bit of urgency. I have some running things I want to do. Whether I have the dedication or not to do it is another thing.

So here is my goals and dreams for 2010.
1. Finish the Where's Waldo 100k
2. Finish the Where's Waldo 100k
3. Finish the Where's Waldo 100k
4. Feel better at the end of long runs. ( I have fought this forever. Ask Gail about post McKenzie River 50k at 2 am in the morning)
5. Beat my PR at Mac Forest 50k
6. Get my buddy Rick back to kickin my ass on some runs. (Not all of course! :) )
7. As a new Race Director, make Autumn Leaves 50/50 a popular race for Ultra runners again
8. Fix my stomach issues on races over 50k
9. Run for 24 hours at Pac Rim
10. Continue my passion for the sport

Running Dreams for the Future.
1. Get in Western States 100
2. Finish the WS 100
3. Qualify and run the Boston Marathon
4. Run with Gail the entire race at the NYC Marathon
5. Run the Munchen (Munich) Marathon
6. Run forever

Gail at the finish of Western States in 2009

Kind of strange things I want. But they are my dreams. As you can tell Waldo is number one. It kicked me hard last year. The conditions were perfect and my body quit on me. This year it probably will be hot, raining, and other ugly things but I must finish. I will try my best that is all I can do.

Now I have a question for the two of you that read this blog. I am thinking of doing the new Pine to Palm 100 mile race in Southern Oregon in September. This looks like a killer of a run with over 20,000 feet of climb. For some reason I want to attempt this run. I know I will probably DNF but something is pushing me to try. I want your opinions on this. Should I try it or is it way out of my league? Place your vote here. Oh and btw I had to add a word verification because I was starting to get quite a few spam posts.


Sarah said...

Of course you should do Pine to Palm! Marc's doing it.

Nice goals! And can I say again how awesome it is that you're taking over Autumn Leaves. I'll likely run, but Marc and the little guy can help out.

Anonymous said...

Do P2P. It will be my first 100. I had a dismal year last year (DNF at Waldo and PCT50) and like you have finishing Waldo as my top goal for this year.

Keep running.
Another dude born in 1960.

olga said...

As others here, I do hope to see you guys in Sept in Ashland, in any capacity:) And, Mr. new RD, when is your race, same day?

Bret said...

Sarah, ok fine...tell Marc I signed up this morning for P to P. Stupid but I did it.

Alright Dave, guess all us 100 mile virgins should join up and pace each other.

Olga, well now you know. I signed up for the race. Now you have to carry me on your strong Russian back for 100 miles.:)
Yeah on the Autumn Leaves I am planning the same day, the 30th. They have a 10k race that is already planned for that day so this year I am stuck with that. You have to come give hugs or run it, you have no choice.

Backofpack said...

Oh, is P2P the new one along the Rogue? Eric wants to do it too, but it's either the same weekend as Plain or too close to it. (Of course, you know Plain is his Where's Waldo - finishing it and WS are two major goals). I'm glad you signed up - cuz you never know till you try!

Susan Kokesh said...