Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pacific Rim One Day Run 2010

Hello all, here is a scan of the entry form for the Pac Rim one day run held in Longview, Washington on March 20 and 21st this year. This is a great 24 hour run on a nice 1 mile loop course. Race Direct Fred does a great job with this race. It is small and very low key. You get credit for finishing if you do at least a 50k. At night it is lit well enough you don't even need a headlamp. Most of the run is on nice pea gravel with just a touch of sidewalk.

Gail and I are planning on trying to do all 24 hours this year. Should be interesting to see how far we can go.


Steve Walters said...

Thnk you, Bret!

Sarah said...

Right on! It will be a fun time. Marc's entry is in the mail today.

Backofpack said...

My entries are in the mail! (One for me, one for Eric). 24 hours it is!