Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cool Running Gone?

I have used the site for my running log for a few years now. bought them and transferred over the database to their site. I finally got in but can't find my running log. Has anyone else had this problem? If so did you find your log? Any help would be great. As Forest would say, "I'm not a very bright man".

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olga said...

There was a discussion on a nation-wide ultra list, I saw the header, but didn't opne a single email before deleting. Now your post explained the whole thread, but unfortunately I don't know if anybody solved this problem.
That's why I prefer old school notebooks:)

BTW, loved Sean's advice. While been a girl has its disadvantages (as in definitely not while walking), I sure don't go off road to stop:) Modesty be damned when the time is clicking! Aren't we all just another form of wild creatures?