Saturday, January 12, 2008


Wow! It has been forever since I have written and run. I have done one long run in the last 4 weeks. I ran 19 miles or Wildwood with the Purge and Splurge gang on New Years Eve. It was so icy that we couldn't get to Newberry road to do the 30 miles. So we parked at the bottom of Saltzman and ran from there. It ended up being a good run with some nice climbs. I was lazy and could have done more but just headed home.

I think I have run 6 miles in the last 12 days. Ugly, ugly ugly. I am just fighting the motivation problem, making excuses to not run at every turn.

Well Gail and I are off to Redding, Cal-ee-forn-eee-ah to run the Marathon there tomorrow. I have wanted to do this one for quite a few years. They bus you out to the Dam then run back to town. About a third of it is on dirt I have heard. I will probably die but will try and "gel" my way through.

2007 was a great running year for me. Lots of new stuff happened. My first 50 miler, most marathons and ultras ever in a year. 2007 was about quantity I am hoping to make 2008 about quality. My goals are to run my first 100k, officially break 4 hours in a marathon and maybe, just maybe do a 100 miler late in the year.

On a final note my running pal Rick is down with a medical condition that prevents him from running for a while. Lets all have good thoughts and get his A** back on the trail soon. I need someone to drag my A** along!

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Sarah said...

I hope you had a fun time in Redding. Too bad about Rick. I hope he's better soon!