Sunday, April 22, 2007

Why Me?

I love this picture. These are the two race directors at Hagg Lake Mudfest er....50K this year. Wonder why I am liking these Ultra's so much? I am thinking its the run/walk, just finish the damn thing mentality I have with it. Where as a marathon I am pushing harder. Maybe its less pain to go farther but slower? Yeah....I know...I am just a wuss!

Had a nice 10 mile run around LO yesterday. Did the hills to above the Lake and back down again. Also ran my new favorite spot, the Iron Mountain trails. It was good and muddy so my new Coos shoes got broken in for Eugene next week. I was going to run Wildwood but I figured with the Portland Marathon training team running it and all the rain we had, it would be just too much mud.

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