Monday, April 2, 2007

Olathe Marathon, Hagg Lake and others

Haven't posted in a long time. Ran the Olathe, Kansas Marathon on Saturday with Rick and Gail. Had a good run with a time of 4:25. Was my first negative split. I never really bonked on this one. I think the Ultras I have been doing seemed to help. The course was nice, mostly country roads and some gradual hills. It was the windiest I have ever run in though (20mph or so). This was race number 16 for me. 13 marathons and 3 ultras now.

Two weeks ago Rick and I ran the Pacific Rim Run, a 24 hours race in Longview, WA. We just did a 50K and called it quits in 6:20. The course was a 1 mile loop in a nice park. Felt good till about mile 27 or so.

In late February I ran the Hagg Lake 50K in some huge rain and mud. This was tough with lots of walking due to the mud. I did this one in about 7:25 I think. More of a battle with nature than a run. This is the course that busted my ankle last year so it was great to get er done!

In two weeks I will be running a trail ultra in Sisters, OR. It will be my first 60K. Should be interesting to see how I do at that distance.

The end of April brings the 1st annual Eugene Marathon. I have run probably 80% of that course so will be a nice reunion!

Only injury I have lately is on the outside of my left knee. It hurts when I swing my knee. Gail says it sounds like the IT band problem she had a year ago. Still have tendinitis in my right knee but I have learned to run through that.

I have found these long runs have me gaining weight again. Do to the fact that I am not training as much as I go into recovery mode after the race and rest the week before. I have to get to the gym more!

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