Wednesday, April 18, 2007

OK I'm Ready

Well it's been 3 days since my longest Ultra yet. I said I might not run this far again? As usual...Wrong! I am ready to go, IT band feeling better so I think I will go for a trot tomorrow before I head to work.

I am really looking forward to the Eugene Marathon. I used to run there so much. It will be great to get back on the trails and bike paths. I hope it is not too crowded, that course is not very wide. I even have my Yellow and Green Nike "Pre's" ready to go. Gail is running too of course. (It is her idea to run this)

Next race after Eugene is the McDonald 50K in Corvallis on May 19th? Sounds tough to me in the hills, but sure looks like great scenery.

Not sure what I will do this weekend as Gail is going to the beach. I am thinking of running Wildwood with the Portland Marathon running group or maybe run the Goat Mountain Gallop 1/2 marathon. Not sure which is calling me yet.

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