Sunday, January 14, 2007

I Hate Winter!

Long time no post! Yeah not much to say. Got a cold so I didn't run the Redding marathon as planned. I'm bummed but glad I didn't. Wouldn't have been a pretty day for me.

So I went out and did a long run around Lake Oswego, Tigard, King City and Tualatin by myself. it was 30 degrees , clear skies and a bit of a breeze. I was worn out by 10 miles. Ended up doing 16.5 miles. Using my new Garmin GPS watch, its pretty sweet. Its the Forerunner 205 and with the motion based software the mapping is amazing. Even shows on Google earth sat photo what side of the street I am running on! And when I jay walk it shows that too! It was my Christmas present from my new black haired babe! Oh shes gonna whack me when she reads this! Well at least I felt good after the run. Had some coffee that really seems to help.

Oh yeah, if you have a Garmin watch go to you will really like it, and its free.

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