Monday, April 6, 2009

I Will Never Know

Rick, Gail and I had an awesome run on Wildwood today. We parked at Germantown road and ran to Newberry Road, about 10.5 miles round trip. Rick had never run that part of the trail and I had only a couple of times, so it was nice to be somewhere new. The weather was the best of the year so far, just blue sky and nice sunshine. We all just took it slow and easy and chatted most of the way.

My leg was perfect all day. I did have some foot pain but nothing severe. This was much better than I expected. I figured I would go 4 miles or so and it would really be hurting me. Now I will never know if I could have ran the Rumble or not? Darn.


Backofpack said...

Yes, but you only went 10.5 not 32 - and that can make all the difference. Plus there was no race-stress. I mean, really, going for a run with friends is relaxing, running in a race puts a certain amount of pressure into the run. So, I think you were probably better off, and in the long haul, your decision will pay off. (My lecture for the day!)

Bret said...

Gail says I should listen to Michelle. She is smart. Darn women stickin' together!

Lisa B said...

Hi Bret, the River Run is a fabulous 50k. I think it's my favorite. Excellent trail course, very runnable with just one short very rocky section to keep it amusing.

I haven't been on the course and I'm not sure if we'll have time to scope it out this weekend. Maybe. I would think all the snow is gone except for a few patches. I think it's supposed to snow a bit this weekend but I'm sure it won't stick.

There are a few Ellensburgers staying at my house Sat night, and you and Gail are welcome to join us if you don't mind the dogs that are coming too. :)

Lisa B said...

Tim and I checked out the course this weekend. The trails are in very good shape. Dry and no snow. Beautiful run.