Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bummer Dude!

No Rumble for me this year. My leg injury is keeping me out of Sean's 60k over in Sisters. That race has got my number and this was the year it was getting the body-slam-take down! But I don't think I could have finished the race. So to keep on track I felt some rest would be best. I am going for a short trot on Wildwood tomorrow with Rick and Gail and will see how it feels. If anyone wants to join we are meeting at Germantown Road/Wildwood at 10 am Sunday. Gail and Rick will probably go long and I will play it by ear.

My last run was with Gail in Burbank last Sunday. She came with me on an overnight and I gave her a tour of the town. We ended up running over to the LA Zoo and spent a couple o hours walking around. It is not a great Zoo but it still was fun. We then ran back to the Hotel and my leg was killing me. It hurts more to walk than run so we just kept going. I have been going to PT and it is getting better. Tomorrow will be the test.

Gail and I are looking for an April race to do. We are thinking about the Salt Lake City marathon, the Spokane River Run, River City Marathon in Sacramento, Mt. Si 50k or even the Wenatchee marathon. Who knows? I am leaning towards Spokane or Sacramento. Any suggestions? Both are two weeks away so I should be mostly healed by then. Problem is I will be out of shape too.

All you "Rumblers" have fun in the sun and snow. Looking forward to the reports.

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