Sunday, November 25, 2007


November has been a tough month for me to get out the door. Yeah I did the Autumn Leaves 50 miler on the 3rd but since then it hasn't been much. I did have that toenail yanked off and that thing was more sore than I expected, as I limped around for days. I think the early sunset is what is really slowing me down. I don't really run in the morning unless a group is going out. I love running in the evening in the summer, but that is tough in the darkness of winter. Treadmill? Only in rare cases. Guess I need a goal to get my butt going. WS 100? Wonder if that will do it? Ha!

Thanksgiving was fun. It is my favorite Holiday of the year. No pressure, just friends and family and lots of good food and drink. My dad showed up as usual. Olga and her son Stephen accepted our invite and we all had a good time. It is one of the few times a year I cook. I just like doing it. Around 4pm we then drove to Salem to spend some time with my mom. So it was a bit of a long day but well worth it.

Yesterday I ran 16 miles on Wildwood via the Germantown Road entrance. That part of the trail is really nice and pretty flat. I joined Rick, Olga, Sarah, Adrien, and Rob. The problem was I was late to the start. I did a dork move and went across the St. Johns Bridge twice! So by the time I got to the parking lot everyone was ready to run. I grabbed my stuff and caught up to Rick after about a 1/2 mile. I never did catch up to the others which was a kind of bummer as you know I like to chat with everyone. Rick and I didn't want to do the 4 hours plus that Olga wanted to do. We are running the Tucson Marathon next weekend so I guess I better save something for that race. We did 16 miles in just over 3 hours with some breaks in there. My legs got a tad tired towards the end, the aching not that fatigue feeling so it was not that big of a deal. But this is the longest run I have done since the 50 miler.

The bad news is that I got two more blisters on my feet. In the exact same spot on each foot, on the inside of the heal and partially on the bottom. I never have gotten blisters in my previous 15 years of running! I have changed shoes, wear the same socks, orthodics on, orthodics off? I have tried tons of different things. This is really starting to become a pain as the blisters are not small but at least an inch and a half wide circle. If anyone has any ideas I am open to any and all suggestions.

Well one week till the big day. Yep, the day she gets in the WS 100 and I get to be on her crew. I know she will get it. I just have that feeling. Go Gail!


Sarah said...

Sorry we didn't get a chance to say much more than hi! We'll have to plan some other Forest Park runs together. I don't have much advice about the blisters. But I've heard being well-hydrated helps. Have fun in Tucson!

olga said...

I sent you an email - did it get through? Have fun in sunny AZ, bring some good weather back to us!