Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dedication or Stupidity?

I am on a layover in Edmonton, Alberta. It was snowing lightly today but I really wanted to go for a run. So out I went. The problem was not the snow but the temperature, it was 5 degrees F when I left. I had my tights, shorts, a couple shirts and my sweat shirt (hoody). I only did 4 miles but with a 10 mph wind blowing it made the wind chill about -5. It was fun to run in the snow and they really try to keep the bike paths pretty clear here. But cold is cold and my quads were ice cubes when I got back to the room. A 20 minute hot shower did fix it though.

Tomorrow I am in San Francisco so hopefully the 50 degree weather there will feel hot! Probably just run tomorrow then call it quits till the Tucson Marathon on Sunday. We are going to fly down to Phoenix then drive down to Tucson. Should be a fun race if the weather cooperates.

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Sarah said...

Hope you are enjoying Tucson. Have fun tomorrow!