Friday, August 24, 2007

A New Trail

Gail has turned into a trail runner. She is finding all these new trails and hardly running on the streets anymore. On Sunday she said we should go find the Marquam trail and run up to Council Crest. We drove up Terwilliger past the Chart House and found the trail just about 1/4 mile down the hill. It is a pretty steady 3.5 mile climb up to Council Crest Park for a great view. The trail is in awesome shape and you only have to cross a few roads. Once we got to the top we spent 15 minutes or so just taking in the views.
On the way down Gail started to feel a bit hungry, or I should say very hungry. She had a Gel but that didn't seem to be enough. So luckily I found some Blackberry's that were starting to turn ripe along the trail. After probably 3 handfuls she was feeling better and off we went. It was just like having a 7-11 in the woods!
Next time I would like to add the extra miles to the Wildwood Trail. It says it's only another 2.2 miles from Council Crest.
I am writing this on friday morning. I am office boy all week as the boss is on vacation. I haven't really run since Sunday. Hard for me to get motivated. Gail is leaving soon for her Hood to Coast race. Go Nike Chicks!! I am going to do a 20 mile training run on the Portland Marathon course with the Portland Marathon Training Clinic on Saturday. I have done this run the last few years and its a nice small group to do it with. My next race isn't until September 8th for the McKenzie 50K so I gotta keep those miles up.

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Sarah said...

Hey! This morning Sharon and I ran from Wildwood to Council Crest. I've hiked the route from Terwilliger but haven't run it. I'll have to try that sometime. Hope you had a fun run today with the marathon clinic!