Monday, June 11, 2007

What? No race report?

Yeah I know, I'm a loser. No race this weekend. I was thinking of doing the Young's Lake Ultra but didn't want to leave Portland so early to drive up to Seattle. I even thought of doing the marathon out in Port Angeles, but figured traffic would be a nightmare coming back on Sunday. So I just wussed out and went for a great run in Forest Park with Rick and Eric. We did about 17 miles on Wildwood, Saltzman and then back. We got pretty wet as the rain started but it wasn't cold till we stopped. I felt good most of the run with just some minor fatigue in the legs.

I've done 8 marathon/ultras this year which is huge for me. My goal was to do 12, so with Sauvie, SOB, PCT and McKenzie already lined up it looks like I should hit the target without any problems. (Please no broken ankle this year!) I do worry about running in the heat of the summer as I don't do very well when it gets real warm. I have no clue how anyone could run with the temperature over 100 degrees. I die over 80. I will try and train more in the middle of the day this year and hope it helps.

This upcoming weekend is my last weekend off for quite a while. I guess no racing till July 4th. I wish I was like Hippo and was retired. But I guess I gotta pay for all these entry fees somehow.


Sarah said...

Oh yeah, you're a big slacker for not running a marathon this weekend! ; ) : )

I was thinking of Sauvie but likely my next race will be PCT 50M in July. So I've got a long dry period here too.

Bret said...

Sarah, yep I am the big Slacker for sure. You should do Sauvie. I've always done the half. My PR for 1/2's is there. Figured I better do the marathon for once. I am doing PCT too but I am not tough enough to do the 50 miler, I am just doing the baby...50K. The Strawberry Shortcake after the Sauvie race is pretty darn good!