Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Big Month a comin'

Well I have not posted much to the Blog as I haven't done much. No races for weeks (Green River) and I am missing the fun. But that is all to end very soon. One week from today is the Sauvie Island Marathon and that will start a very busy month of July. Ten days after Sauvie comes the SOB 50K at Mt. Ashland, then two weeks after that is the PCT 50. I was planning on doing only the 50K but with all these folks doing longer races I figured it's time I step up the plate and be a real ultra runner, so I think I will try and do the 50 (gulp) miler. The most I have ever run was the 38 miles at Sean's romp in Sisters, so whats another 12 miles and a little hike up Mt. Hood to Timberline lodge (gulp-gulp)? I know my first 50 miler should be flat like I had planned on doing at Autumn leaves in November but what the heck. I can always DNF and say I was attacked by Bigfoot on the trail.

So at Sauvie I was planning on trying for a marathon PR. My half PR is on that course and I always do real well there. The problem is that with all the longer runs I have not done any speed work and it really shows. I don't train fast and I don't race fast. Plus I have found I get a lot less injuries if I don't try and push the speed but just go for the endurance. The pace to run a sub 4 marathon seems so fast when I try it in training now. I guess I will just push it a bit and see what happens. I told Gail that I think I will try something different in this race. I know this goes against what everyone says you should do. I am going to go out pretty fast after I warm up in the first 3 or 4 miles in the race. I am going to push pretty hard and see how long I can last. I will probably bonk at 20 or so but maybe not, so I am just going to experiment and see what happens. If any of you wise and experienced folks out there got an opinion on this please post what you think. My plan is to really hit the Gells (Gu) and water early and more frequent than I usually do. I have become much more tolerant of Gu's lately and have switched almost entirely away from any sports drink to just plane old H2O. I will Gu every 40 minutes or so and carry a bottle so I don't have to stop at the aid stations except to refill. I will use the Endurolytes to give me the salts that I will not be getting from the sports drinks. Please, everyone...give me your advice.

I think I have a good progression for this month. After the 26 miles I have the 50K at SOB which should prepare me for the 50 miler at PCT two weeks later. I am trying to get warm weather running in but it has been so mild of late. So I got 3 races in July, nothing really scheduled in August except I am thinking of doing the Haulin' Aspen marathon in Bend (did the 1/2 last year) and even thinking maybe I should do Crater Lake the day before and try for a double. Never done that either.

So far this year is turning into a very crazy year for me. I will hit my goal of 12 marathons this year even before the summer is out. And Gail, if you read this? I am sorry all I talk about is running lately, I know I am a little (er...lot) over zealous with this. Thanks for putting up with it. You are the best!


Sarah said...

Well, you know that the Mt Hood PCT 50M is an "easy" 50 miler, doncha? : ) I'm going to pass on Sauvie Island and head to the trails instead. Good luck with your new strategy. I want to do Haulin Aspen and Crater lake as a double too. But now you're making me feel like a slacker for thinking I should wait until next year : )

maniac hippo said...

I hadn't realized I have exactly the same July schedule that you do. It doesn't seem so bad to me which probably just means I have a worse case of the Maniac Virus than you do.

I don't see anything else on your schedule other than MRTR so it's tough to compare (then again, I'm short in planning as well.)

Are you still thinking about Autumn Leaves? If you're anything like me, you'll try to get into any 50 you can which doesn't require a plane trip: there are so few of them.

See you at the Flat!

Bret said...

Yeah more maniac than me for sure! Yeah I will do the Autumn leaves for sure if I don't have to work. I am planning on Haulin' Aspen and maybe a wild hair I will try my first double with Crater Lake the day before, but I kind of doubt it. So can I draft you at the Flat??? I need all the help I can get. Forecast now is for a nice toasty 90 degree day. See ya there!