Thursday, May 10, 2012

Where did he go?

Been almost a year since I posted on this blog. The dreaded FB kind of took over my posting. It is kind of like our society. A drive up blog, quick and easy. The life of the soundbite. Who needs details when I can say it in two or three sentences.

Well lets review what has happened since my last post. I ran the Mt Hood 50 Mile Trail Race again. Qualified for Western States but didn't get in. Died at mile 42 and hated life, but regrouped and finished.

Went through training and got checked out in my new plane at work.

Ran one of my favorite races, the Haulin' Aspen Trail Marathon in Bend. Had a great race in my road shoes as I forgot to bring my trail runners with me. Doh!

Ran Waldo 100k but had to drop at mile 32 because of some ongoing issues I was having with neck pain. (Still have it and is quite frustrating.

Couldn't run the beautiful McKenzie River  50k due to the neck problems but paced Gail for almost 8 miles to a PR for her. We had a great time that day.

A week later Gail and I were in Reno for our annual trip to the Reno National Championship Air Races. The second day of the races an aircraft lost control and crashed in to the crowd about 50 feet from where we were sitting. There was no fire or I would not be writing this. I had numerous little breaks in my nose and face. Got a little concussion and was hauled off to the hospital. Gail got all cut up and banged up pretty bad too. We survived, that is what counts. We were the lucky ones as 10 people in the crowd didn't make it. Life luckily went on for us.

Three weeks later I thought I would run a few miles of the Portland Marathon with Gail. At first I thought I would drop at 4 miles. The it was at mile 7. Then mile 11 where are friends would be. Then mile 20. Then it was fun just to run with my wife and to celebrate the fact I could still run. We finished the marathon. I was probably stupid to do that but it just  felt like the right thing to do.

In late October Gail and I put on the Autumn Leaves 50/50 again. The little 50k/50 mile race at Champoeg State Park. This year was much less stressful than our rookie year. We had a great group of runners, volunteers and weather. Looking forward to next year.

December we went to Vegas for the Rock and Roll Marathon. What a joke that cluster was. Poorly organized and way to big. But we did have fun with our friends!

Christmas again was a celebration of life. I was the house husband and tried to keep everything in line. I think I passed.

December 26th Gail and I did Steve's 6 hour run just a few miles from our house. I think I ended up with 34 miles or so. Was a cold fine day to get loopy in the park.

I decided to try and get a Boston Marathon qualifier. I hired coach Nikki again and she sent me off on a quest for speed. My pr for the marathon was 3:50. I needed 3:30 to get a BQ. 20 minutes faster than I have ever run. Interesting....

February I ran a half Marathon and got a PR on a tough little course of 1:44

In March Gail and I did the Pac Rim 24 hour run. Even though we both just used it as a training run and did 32 miles each.

In April I ran the Vernonia half as a training run and got another PR with 1:43. Gail ran the Marathon that day and got a new PR by over 7 minutes. And that was her 63rd marathon or faster. Who says you slow down after 50?

Eugene was my target race. I knew the course and it is a fast one. I felt ready but knew 20 minutes was a huge leap for me. Could I run 8:00 pace for 26 miles? Come to find out I couldn't. I ran that pace for about 18 miles then started to burn out. By mile 25 I was at a 9:30 pace. I finished with a PR of 3:39. Eleven minutes faster than I have ever run a marathon. I am very happy with that time. Never dreamed I could be that fast.

Boston is still a goal. Just something new to try and get. I do hate the idea that I need to stop some of the trail races to get fast. I love running these races in the woods in the summer around here. But I got to keep pushing this new idea and see where it takes me.

I am back flying now. Just finishing up my training. Life will be returning to its more normal ways. This summer I turn 20 as a runner. It was a torturous 4 mile run in Alaska in 1992 that created this crazy hobby of mine. I don't love it. I don't crave it. I don't like running for running. But it is who I am. What I do. It is a part of my life that I can not really explain why I do it. I just know if I go more than a week without doing it I feel something in my life is missing.

Hope this gets me back to this Blog. I enjoy the witting. Maybe I will post some pictures next time!


Journey to a Centum said...

Welcome back Bret! My quest for Boston took me four tries for the almighty 3:30. As soon as I made it I broke 3:30 several times after. In fact my first BQ in Vancouver BC I ran 10 min and walked 1. That gave me the legs to finish strong. Good luck with your quest! It's certainly worth the effort to experience Boston.

Susan Kokesh said...

You're back! Great post. So glad you are back at work, well, you know what I mean.

Tony C. said...

Nice post Bret! I thought it was cool when you asked me about Lake Hood the other night and then posted in your blog that it was where it all started for you. We're loving should come up here to run your BQ marathon. Oh, and I do know what you mean about training for a marathon when you want to be on the trails - kinda. I love roads but I also love running lots of miles, not giving my legs time to rest up for fast training. I do believe that the speed is there waiting to break out. Ran my first marathon in Jan '76; age 16 (3rd thon) 3:15; teen PR of 3:04 (age 17); adult PR 2:58 (age 32); master PR 3:02 (age 44); now I need to establish a super-master PR...right now it's 3:35 (which was barely a BQ last year but not this year).