Thursday, December 3, 2009

Do I want it or not?

Yes I do! But do I deserve it? I read some other blogs about how many folks have not even qualified for it, so should they even have a chance to get in? That is the question that is floating around. What's it about? Western States 100 mile Trail Race, that's what! This Saturday December 5th is the Lottery. They say you have about an 18% chance or roughly one in five will get picked for next Junes race. I didn't get selected last year either. Used to be if you didn't get picked 3 years in a row you got in. Nope not now. This race has gotten to popular with the upswing in Ultra running in the last few years. Now all you get is a extra ticket in the hat for every year you don't get picked. That is unless you are really fast (top 10 finisher) or they like you and you are selected for some other reason. Well I'm fat, old and slow. So I guess I won't be on top of anyone's "special" list. So think good thoughts for me Saturday. "Oh God, I promise if I get selected to train as hard as I can for the six months. Really I will!!"

On another note, Gail and I just signed up for the Santa Barbara Marathon this weekend. Gail needs a December Marathon to keep her monthly streak alive. Nothing else worked for our schedules this month so we will just make this a quick trip.


Susan Kokesh said...

Best wishes for the WS100 lottery for you this weekend! Positive thoughts coming your way. I'm meeting friends tomorrow (saturday) morning 5:45 at the Leif Erickson trialhead for a 3 hour cold run, join in if you'd like for a long slow cold morning run. Hope all is well. The SB marathon should be fun for both of you as well!

Sarah said...

Sorry you didn't get in. Have fun in Santa Barbara!

olga said...

Larry is pretty bitter...I am glad I got this monkey off my back, but I feel bad for all who wish to be there yet can't.