Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 2 of the Double Pictures

Some Picutres from our Marathon at Piney Point, Maryland.

This guy was playing the trumpet as his spouse came down to the finish line. Was very well done.

The school area near the finish line. Was a nice mid 70's by this time. Was great to lay in the grass and relax after the race.

Gail just steps away from finishing 26 miles the day after doing a 28 mile trail run. Go Detour!

Congrats! You got another one. 31 is it? "Yeah it was an easy day"

Gail's bloody legs after going "offroad". I will let you ask her.

Oh the happy couple. They love traveling and doing road and trail races all over the country.
But I wonder how they feel about doing another "Double"?

I guess that answers that question. Sorry I asked.

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