Friday, February 13, 2009

Well I guess it is my nickname

I was looking at the websites of some runs I will be doing again this year and found some photo's of me that I didn't know had been taken. I thought "Oh this will be fun to see".

The first few were OK then I found this. I was a fat boy for sure! (Mac forest 2008)

I had found some pictures a bit after this race that amazed me last year. I didn't think I was that overweight. I think I started 2008 at around 226 or so. Which is pretty much what I have weighed the last few years. I then get down to 211 or so by the fall when I am in the best shape of the year. But I guess gravity is having more effect on me as I approach the half century mark.

What is surprising is that I PR'd in so many distances last year. I looked better in 2007 but was slower. So it must be experience. The more you understand your body the better you can perform. Even when it is sagging a bit more!

Every winter I say "I am going to go the gym this year and get stronger." Never happens. But this year I have gone at least a few times but nothing regular for sure. I am just a lazy athlete. I run and that is about it. How easy can it be. Shorts, shoes, hat...out door. Nice and simple.

But after some deep thought, asking myself "Why do I run all these crazy distances?" It finally came to me. I thought this picture describes it much better than the pages and pages I would have to write here for all of you to understand.

I just love Aid Stations!!!

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Backofpack said...

Everything in that picture, plus the two breakfasts out this weekend, plus french fries and lovely chocolate truffles...yep, you're right!