Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Plans

I was thinking the last few days about what my running goals will be this year. 2008 was supposed to be my speed year. I didn't try but I did PR and break 4 hours in a marathon for the first "official" time. I also PR'd in the 50k and 50 mile distance. So I guess I did meet my goals even though I wasn't really consciously shooting for those in each of the races I did.

For 2009 I want to go farther. I have no clue how many miles I ran in '08 as I didn't keep a running log.

But for this year I want to due a minimum of a 100k (62 miles).

I would like to try and get up into the 85 mile range at some point.

I want to do the Oregon Trail Series again this year. I know I miss lots of other good races in other places but I like each one of these races too.

Oh and I will finish Waldo this year. You can count on that!

I want to do a back to back marathon. (Two marathons in two days.)

I would like to run a few more races in new states, maybe 3 or 4 this year.

Some day I do want to a 100 mile trail race but I am not sure it will be this year. I need to pick one and train specifically for it.

Lastly I just want to enjoy my running. When ever a health issue comes up I think this is it. I won't be able ever run again. Or at least not the long distances that I enjoy. Often running becomes a pain. Training is mostly a chore for me. I not one of those folks that can't wait to get out running. Once I am out I do like it but it is a challenge to get my butt out the door at times.

So there you have it on my goals for the running year.

C-Ya all out there.



Backofpack said...

Those plans sound great! I'm going for 100K at PacRim this year. I did a double this weekend and am sitting here today a little puffy (think s-caps) and a little sore, but not too bad! You can totally do it!

Backofpack said...
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olga said...

Nice picture:) Hey, wanna do a 100 in September? Easy, only 10k climb!

Bret said...

I heard that the RD's of that hundred in September are a bit crazy! Ha! I was thinking about it but I would probably quit at the 50 mile point. Hey which way you gonna go first? To Timberline then head to Warm Springs? Probably the safest that way.