Friday, October 31, 2008


Do you Detour take this Fat-Boyee to be....

Well we both figured since we have known each other since 1982 (26 years!) and dated since 1990 and lived together since 1993, it was probably time. So along with our planned vacation to the great island of Kauai we decided to get married. Gail did all the leg work. She contacted a wedding planner that a friend of hers had used. We sent off the $50 deposit and got the show going.

We got to Kauai on Saturday the 18th. My birthday was the 20th so we decided that we would get married on the 21st. That way I will never forget our anniversary! We met the planner the day before and went to get our marriage license. The best part was where we got the license. The planner said " Go to the Pono Market and talk to the little Oriental man who makes the Espresso's.

"Your kidding me right?" Well at least it wasn't the Porno Market. We got there and it is this really small "quicky mart", like a miniature 7-11. We went in and there he was, sitting at the only little table helping another couple. Well that must be him. So after he was done we sat down with him. Filled out the forms, paid the 75 dollar state fee and raised our right hands and swore we would never be bad. He took our picture (he has done over 8,000 licenses!!) and off we went.

It had been pretty cloudy and rainy on Kauai since we had arrived. But on the morning of the 21st it was mostly sunny skies. We had decided on 10 am rather than the 4 pm option as it might be less cloudy and a bit cooler in the morning. We drove to this apartment building parking lot, walked down a long pathway to a great little beach. There we met the planner, photographer and the man who would perform the wedding. Don't think I could call him a minister.

We decided to have the ceremony on the beach in our bare feet with the waves lapping up on us. We got started and then a huge Monk Seal decided to beach itself about 30 yards behind us! Gail and I were both pretty upset as he didn't have an invitation! We went had a great time with the vows. (I think I only messed up twice, and the bride corrected me once! Ha!) It only took about 10 minutes and we were done. That was fun! Can we do it again??? But it was hot for sure.

Then the photographer took us for about 20 minutes got some great pictures that we should receive in a week or so.

So now what do we do? Off to the coffee plantation. Seriously...thats what we did. Had tons of samples. Was a good time.

When we got back to our room we found some great gifts of snacks and flowers and champagne from our friends. We proceeded to knock off one bottle that afternoon.

What a great day this was. I got to marry the woman that I only dreamed would ever even go on a date with me 25 years ago. How many men get to marry their "dream girl"? SCORE!!!!

These are only a few of the pictures, the pro ones are not back yet.


Sarah said...

Congratulations! You two look so happy. : )

Backofpack said...

Wow! Congratulations! I'll be looking for you at Autumn Leaves, that's where I first met you two last year!

olga said...

Score!!! Dude and Dudette. I now pronounce you man and woman...wait, you've been there already. How 'bout hubby and cutie-pie? And why did I know everything ahead of time, yet wasn't invited to share that bottle? Ain't I good in keeping up secrets? Can you keep mine? I have a something also very cute, and it fits one body part that is exposed to public and not in a bad way.
When are we drinking??? Thursday night?

saschasdad said...

Great post, F-B! Congratulations on marrying your dream girl. Yes, that's a huge SCORE!