Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lazy Fat-Boyee

I am the laziest runner I know. Often I will put off a training run all day long. That's exactly what I did yesterday. I wanted to run 10 to 12 miles and all day I just kept saying "Later....later". Finally around 4pm I just changed into my running gear thinking that would get me out of the house. Well that took an hour. I finally headed up to the Zoo where I wanted to get some trail and hill miles in. I got there a tad after 5:30pm. Off I went southbound on the Wildwood trail. It was a light rain but nothing bad. The trail was pretty muddy in spots but the Brooks griped the road like studded tires. With the big downhills early on my quads were pretty tired by only 4 miles. I ran just past the Parrot (locals will know what I am referring too) and turned around at mile 6. I was a bit worried about the two big climbs, the first up to Pittock Mansion and the second up to the zoo. I actually ran most except for the very steep sections. Just slowed my pace down and pressed on. I had only seen one other runner on the trail the whole day. The last mile or so it was getting pretty dark in the woods so I was hoping not to do any late run face plants.

I finished my 12 miles in 2:20. Which is pretty good for me considering I didn't push it much. My GPS watch lost signal at 8.5 miles and never did reacquire the satellites so the mileage is a guess. Once I got going it was allot of fun today. I just need the push to get out the frickin door at times. This is one reason I run more in spring/summer. As it gets darker later. In the winter I always make the excuse "Oh it's dark now can't go out running now!". But the late sun always lets me go now.

I didn't want to run too far this day because I am doing Sean's Peterson Ridge Rumble 60k next weekend. Last year I was pretty wiped out on that run at 30 miles. I just read on the web page that due to Global Warming we have so much snow in the mountains this year that the Grunt loop is has too much snow and ice to do that portion. So the run is now a 34 mile run. That made Gail happy as she was nervous about the 38 miles. So I bet she runs the 60k now. See you all next weekend!

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Sarah said...

I'll see you and Gail at the Rumble....Marc is running.