Friday, October 26, 2007

A Little "Freaky"

So I went to the Chiro since my Orthopedic is popular now and it takes 3 weeks to get into see him. I told him about the "pain in my butt" (Gail says she has that around me all the time!) and my hip. Well I guess I am sort of like Ronda and have had this pain in the Tush for quite a while. Well it really bugged me during the Portland Marathon so I figured I better do something about it as it was causing pain and stiffness done my right hamstring and calf. Well it turns out I have one of the smaller muscles in the behind that is all fired up. It is causing problems all the way down my right leg to back of the knee. The Doc worked on it and knew just where to work, there are a few spots he dug in at that made me grunt pretty good. (Boyz don't cry ya know) Then he worked on the IT band off my hip to my knee. He has me doing the same Jane Fonda exercises that Ronda said she was doing plus a few more. He suggested that I quit running for a bit but also realized that wouldn't happen. I did got get an hour long massage which fired it up for a day but did feel better after that.

So I have not been running a whole lot since Portland and I am getting pretty worried about the Autumn Leaves 50 miler on November 3rd. So this week in Seattle I decided to run a bit more than I have been. The hip hurts one run and the hammie the next. Last night I did a nice 10 miler on the Green River Trail in Seattle area. I love that bike path as its is a nice rural setting in an urban world. I am running super slow now because of the fear of making it worse. Can't remember the last time I ran a sub 10 pace. Well I am over 30 miles for the week and that is allot for me in the last few months.

Well last night kind of "Freaked me Out". I woke up about 1 A.M. for some reason, I remember feeling restless but in my half awake state didn't know why. Well I figured it out when the sharp pain hit me in the hip area. It was like a pulse that would come randomly every 10 to 15 seconds. Never had anything like this and it was not fun. I got up and walked and it didn't seem to help. Laying in bed I tried different positions and finally on my back seemed to settle it down. It never came back. So I don't know what to think? I am going to take today off and try and run one more long one this weekend.

I hope I have the guts to make it through the 50 this weekend. For sure I am not ready to push it at all. See you all there!

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Sarah said...

I will see you at the 6am early start! I just asked Fritz to switch me over to the 50 miler, so I guess I'm going for it. : ) I'm trying to not think about the distance too much and will take it one loop at a time. Take it easy and hopefully you'll be feeling a lot better by the 3rd. Remember, the foam roller is your friend!